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CTO & Co-founder

Akanksha came to Toronto as the first in her family to pursue postsecondary education as an International student. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours BSc. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, a combination of majors that solidified her belief to use technology as a tool to advance and improve human existence. 


Her passion for using technology in sectors that are digitally outdated encouraged her to work for a philanthropically focused start up, Overture, where she developed a web platform for managing and cultivating donors and fundraisers.  She also worked at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins to create a behavioural economics experiment tool to gauge consumer experience in a car ride-share. She is currently a Technical Project Manager at BTNX Inc. working on Machine Learning based mobile application. 


During quarantine, Akanksha found herself isolated, away from family and unable to cope with the frustrations of balancing competing priorities of personal wellbeing and professional growth. She realized there was a gap in the workforce to provide accessible mental health care for people of colour. She wanted to leverage her understanding and knowledge of human cognition and technology to create a culturally sensitive therapy platform.

Hi, I'm Akanksha
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