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Building Adaptive Mental Health:
Asynchronous & Scalable

We use A.I. to continuously monitor and adjust our care.

Healthcare that is tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of the patient. 

We incorporate cultural sensitivity into our work to accommodate and respect differences in opinions, values, and attitudes of various cultures and different types of people. Our cultural competence helps the provider to utilize users' cultural understandings and strengths to generate healing and maximize outcomes of engagement with mental health resources.

We recognize and address systems in society that are problematic. Mental health resources that are trauma-informed and anti-oppressive. Empirically supported adaptations to therapeutic interventions incorporating cultural components that promote well-being and improved adaptability to life transitions.


At Mind-Easy we understand how important it is for individuals to have a general understanding of their mental health and well-being before beginning therapy, as it can help to set realistic expectations for the therapy process and outcome.

Mind-Easy's Pre-Therapy™ product is a cutting-edge, asynchronous mental health resource designed to support clients while they are on the waitlist for therapy services. By integrating this resource into teletherapy services as part of a step-care model, Mind-Easy helps clients prepare for their upcoming therapy experience, reducing drop-out rates, enhancing the therapeutic alliance between clients and their therapists, and improving outcomes of treatment.

Our 3-E-Model™

Our revolutionary 3-E care model was designed to help individuals achieve optimal mental health and well-being, by addressing all aspects of mental health needs. 

The Educate, Explore, Engage 3-step model is designed to be flexible, allowing individuals to move back and forth between steps as needed. The goal of this model is to empower individuals to take an active role in managing their mental health and achieving optimal well-being.

Our first step in this model is to educate and empower individuals to better understand and manage their  mental wellbeing.


The goal of education  is to help people develop the knowledge and skills they need to manage their mental health and improve their overall well-being.


Our content takes complex academic research and breaks it down to make it easy to understand in bite-sized format so that it can be effortlessly applied to people’s day-to day life.

This step is critical for building self-awareness, understanding, and motivation.

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