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As the metaverse and virtual spaces grow, so does the need for users to maintain and adjust their mental wellbeing in these new spaces. We have seen an influx of mental health platforms on traditional technology pathways that have failed to take into account the diversity of the population it aims to serve. 

Mind-Easy aims to develop an ecosystem that decentralizes the growth and distribution of culturally sensitive mental health content and education and resources, as well as destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health amongst users in Decentraland.


We seek to promote the ethical and conscious incorporation of culturally inclusive and diverse mental health content, strategies and clinical interventions that can be easily consumed and integrated in the lives of the users as they navigate through Decentraland. 

This will not only allow Decentraland to be at the forefront of inclusive and accountable use of the metaverse, but also allow the users themselves to be at the forefront of taking charge of their mental health.