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Mental Health: A Universal Human Right

In a world grappling with multiple crises, including the enduring impacts of COVID-19, climate emergencies, and ongoing conflicts, the global mental health landscape is under duress. We must transform our approach, prioritizing mental health as a fundamental human right. COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities in mental health systems, emphasizing the need for resilient support systems.

Comprehensive, community-based mental health services are vital, as demonstrated by WHO's Special Initiative for Mental Health. A whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach is crucial. Chile's "Construyendo Salud Mental" strategy sets a strong example, integrating mental health into primary care and prioritizing suicide prevention.

Ambitious mental health strategies require political leadership and resource allocation. Public mental health investments can yield substantial benefits. It's essential to eradicate coercion, abuse, and neglect in mental health services. Transformative guidance on mental health and human rights supports countries in aligning their policies with international standards.

We call for global recognition of mental health as a human right and a collective effort to safeguard and enhance well-being for all. 💚🤝 #MentalHealth #HumanRights #GlobalHealth #WellBeing

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